Timor Steffens

Timor Steffens started dancing in 2006 during a barber education. When advised to switch to a dance study Timor attended several dance studies in the Netherlands. At that time SeiSei discovered Timor in search for a personal brand. Asking for his dreams Timor replied: I want to be part of worlds greatest dancers and become an international brand. In 2007 we decided to create a brand from this talented young dancer and have been the management and investment company ever since resulting in the co-creation of tv-formats, dance-shows and innovative creative concepts.

Rico Verhoeven

Rico Verhoeven (RV) began learning martial arts at the young age of 7. Nowadays he’s already known as one of the best upcoming athletes in the next generation of kickboksing. Already signed with the world’s biggest kickboxing promoter Glory, he is a force to be reckoned with. In 2013 RV became the new heavy weight world champion kickboxing and succesfully defended this title in 2014 and twice in 2015. Being so talented at such a young age, makes RV a brand with great potential. Currently we are developing RV’s brand from a commercial point of view.

Xavi Simons

Xavi Simons (2003) is an exceptionally talented football player, who plays for FC Barcelona. Dutch born Xavi Simons is considered one of the Catalan club’s brightest prospects for the future. Xavi has everything you need to become a fine professional footballer. He is hard working, competitive, constantly running where the ball is both in attack and defence, and has been a leader and captain ever since he arrived at the club. In general, his enthusiasm is outstanding. Despite having fantastic technique and vision, Xavi Simons is aggressive and plays with an intense mindset and is praised for his maturity on and off the pitch belying his years.

With this magnificent set of skills and features and his marketable looks (golden curls) Xavi gains an extremely favourable future perspective according to experts.

Stacii Samidin

At eighteen, as a radical boy, Stacii Samidin (1987) became the subject of a documentary photographer. For Stacii a new world was exposed. The photographer apprenticed him to a documentary photographer. In his life work Societies Stacii focuses on group identities. He uses analog photography to emphasize the sincerity and rawness of his work and his subjects all over the world. Stacii shot amazing documentaries in USA, Africa, Europe and Asia.

Nick Klyne

Nick Klein (1993), actively started playing music at age 14 by picking up the guitar, but really found his niche in singing at age 18. With his soulful voice and ability to convey emotions, Nick is able to touch everyone with his music.

While working as a pizza baker, Nick had his first breakthrough with the 2-man band Klyne in 2015. The band quickly started to get noticed by larger crowds and became nominated for an Edison Award in the category ‘best newcomer’. Consequently, Klyne started to perform at big-name festivals such as Lowlands, Eurosonic, Noordeslag, Solar, SxSW, The Great Escape and were opening act for Years & Years, Christine & The Queens and Metronomy.

End 2017, the band Klyne decided to pursue their dreams separately and split up, and that is where SeiSei Management picked him up. Driven by his inexhaustible passion and enthusiasm for music, Nick is ready to conquer the music industry.

Serghinio Wooter

Serghinio is an amazing and talented model and dancer. He’s currently based in London, successfully working on his modeling career. As a model Serghinio is working for campaigns from leading brands. We foresee a great future for Serghinio. Currently we are developing Serghinio’s positioning as a model in US and UK.

Sara Slikkerveer

Sara is a model. She’s stunningly beautiful and very talented. We foresee a great future for Sara. Currently we are developing Sara’s career as a model in Europe and the US.

Luciano Hiwat

Luciano is a multi-talent known from winning European TV talentshows such as Move Like Michael Jackson (Holland) and Got to Dance Kids (Germany). Luciano is also known for acting in TV series and Movies. Already in 2011 he was playing the role of Bobby in the movie Body Language. In addition to dancing and acting, Luciano likes singing as well which resulted in his debut single “Like A Star” under the name Lil’ Blade. Together with Luciano we’re currently developing his international career.



Maxime Soulas

Maxime is the first player we have personally discovered in France. Actually we went there to see another player and Maxime was playing on the opponent’s side with Montpellier HSC, but he immediately caught our attention with his presence, physique, mature and hard (non Dutch) way of defending. We found a way to get in touch with him through our French scout and arranged a trial for him at PSV. After a week we were happy to hear that PSV saw the same qualities in him as we did and they decided to give Maxime a spot in the flagship of their academy, the u19’s.

You would think it is not easy for a 17 year old to, not only leave your parental home, but leave it for another country where you don’t speak the language and has a completely different culture. However, Maxime’s very sociable and open character in addition to his desire and work-ethic to become a professional football player helped him to adapt to his new surroundings quite smoothly.

After having shown his qualities and convincing PSV of his abilities in only one season, they had seen enough and decided to offer Maxime a contract. The start of his adventure away from home chasing his dreams!

(Photo Credit: Peter Leijssen)

David Sambissa

David Sambissa is a talented French footballer who currently plays as a left wing defender for Dutch Eredivisie club FC Twente U21. He’s known for both his defending and his attacking qualities. He is fast, has a good technique, is strong, aggressive and has true winners mentality. We foresee a great future for David.

(Photo Credit: FC Twente Media / Ron Jonker)