Kevin Felida


Kevin started at a small amateur club in Spijkenisse, a town close to Rotterdam. It soon became clear that Kevin was very talented, but he was very small, so even though they saw his talent clubs were a bit hesitant at first. That only formed his mentality even more and made him a fighter who refused to give up. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is a saying that definitely apply’s to Kevin.

This mentality combined with his technical abilities and vision eventually convinced a number of clubs that even though he was’t big and powerful, he was still able to compensate it with mentality and skills. There were numerous clubs interested, but because some of them waited too long or still were a bit hesitant and Kevin had a very good feeling with Brabant United he chose to join their youth academy. The past years Kevin has developed into their biggest talent and has joined the first team and has joined the first team of FC Den Bosch from Januari 2017. A perfect example of where sheer willpower and mentality can take you!

January 11, 2011