Nick Klyne


Nick Klein (1993), actively started playing music at age 14 by picking up the guitar, but really found his niche in singing at age 18. With his soulful voice and ability to convey emotions, Nick is able to touch everyone with his music.

While working as a pizza baker, Nick had his first breakthrough with the 2-man band Klyne in 2015. The band quickly started to get noticed by larger crowds and became nominated for an Edison Award in the category ‘best newcomer’. Consequently, Klyne started to perform at big-name festivals such as Lowlands, Eurosonic, Noordeslag, Solar, SxSW, The Great Escape and were opening act for Years & Years, Christine & The Queens and Metronomy.

End 2017, the band Klyne decided to pursue their dreams separately and split up, and that is where SeiSei Management picked him up. Driven by his inexhaustible passion and enthusiasm for music, Nick is ready to conquer the music industry.

January 14, 2014