Djenahro Nunumete

Djenahro is a natural. The type of player everything seems to come easy to. He’s very comfortable on the ball and always does the right things with it. He’s a master at 1 or 2 touch football and his vision of the game is that of a professional with years of experience. He started out at a small amateur club in the city of Assen where he’s from, but soon his talent stood out so his father decided to sign him up for a trial at Ajax. When Djenahro was picked out of 1200! other kids it was obvious that this boy was special. He then spend 3 years at Ajax’s youth academy but because of the big distance between home and the club it was no longer possible to stay there so he decided to go to sc Heerenveen. That’s where he still plays as one of their youth academy’s biggest prospects, pursuing his dreams.

Robin Maulun

Robin Maulun (1996) is a talented French footballer who currently plays as an attacking midfielder for Dutch 1st division club SC Cambuur. He’s known for his insightful play and his assist qualities. He has a good technique, vision and great passing. We foresee a great future for Robin.

Darnell Hall

Darnell is a typical old-fashioned winger. He is fast, agile, skilled, and has a great cross. When Darnell feels good and confident, he can be every defender’s worst nightmare. He began at an amateur club in Rotterdam and was scouted by Vitesse at the age of 14. That’s where he is working hard every day improving his efficiency. Darnell will be the type of player the fans go to the stadium for!